How to treat your backyard for mosquitoes

Spray days before and a light spray day of the social gathering. Spray the plants, trees, shrubbery, lawn, front of house, sidewalks, awnings, gutters and all other outdoors areas to rid them of insects like mosquitoes, flies, ticks and gnats.

  1. Get rid of stagnant water, a bottle cap can be a breeding spot for mosquitoes
  2. Plant natural repellents with defensive odors, as citronella.
  3. Natural Bug Repellent, like lemon eucalyptus oil or rubbing apple cider vinegar on your skin.
  4. Insect repellent, lotion or spray, containing DEET (less than 25%), or picaridin.
  5. Cover your feet because mosquitoes love sweat and bacteria.
  6. Dress in light colors, not dark clothes, and hide arms and legs.
  7. Eat dinner indoors since most US mosquitoes bite in the evening.
  8. Tent the patio to keep out bugs. Rent tents and outdoor umbrellas with mosquito nets.