Restring dual-sided spool lawn weed eater trimmer with 2 strings

Be kind, rewind.. your garden line trimmer that is.

Most line trimmers, weed wackers, have refillable spools that dispense line as you need it while trimming up the edges of your yard.

We sell several styles of line trimmer spools all wound-up and ready to go. And if your spool is broken or not dispensing line you probably need to purchase a new one.

However, if your spool was still working until it ran out of line you can probably save up to $30 by purchasing bulk line and winding your old spool yourself. Because one $3.00 refill can rewind your old spool over 3 times saving about $10 for a new spool every time.

The most common line size is .065 which may be printed on the shaft of your machine, or on the spool, or in your owner’s manual. When in doubt bring in a scrap of the old line and sizing is easy with a dial calipers, (on hand in any quality lawn and garden business).

To rewind inspect the core of the spool and find the small hole or slot where the line can be inserted into. Put the line in the slot and let the package spin on the floor as you wind in the direction of the arrow on the spool.

Do not overfill your spool. Better to wind it to about 3/4 of the capacity or so because too much line and inserting the spool back into the machine can be difficult.

Once you have enough line on the spool cut it so 6” of line is in your hand and you are keeping it tight. There should be a slot in the spool for you to pull the line into keeping it from unwinding from the spool. This allows you to insert the spool into the machine without it unwinding. My slot is worn out so I have to keep my finger in the spool as I insert the loose end of the line into the feed hole in the machine. I feed the line through the hole, grab it to keep tension on it, and insert the spool.

My big machine is a two string trimmer so I cut two 9-foot pieces of line and wind them both at the same time. Your spool could be larger or smaller so 9-foot is just a starting point when making the two lines for your machine.

Last bonus to winding your own, you can purchase better commercial line that lasts longer than the original line.