Pet Proof Door Screen

I have a pet proof door screen for our 9-year old labradoodle. The dog trashes our sliding screen door every summer. We do not care for the look of a guard mounted to the screen.

There is a screening material that is guaranteed to be impervious to Fido. You will not need an ugly guard on your screen door to prevent the pets (or children) from trashing it.

There are several manufacturers of this product with different prices and guarantees that is saving people with problem pets both time and money. Most businesses, including ours, are installing it with a one-year-free-replacement guarantee.

Of course, this wonderful new product is not without its drawbacks: first is price, a typical 36-inch screen-wall costs around $55. The same repair in black metal screening costs about $25, so pet-proof is not cheap. Also, a drawback is visibility. The thickness of the screen makes it somewhat less transparent to light than regular insect screening. But at the same time it keeps out the hot sun.

Some customers without pets have used this screening because it provides more privacy. Small children can kick the screen out of the frame but it will not tear. To repair, push the screen and spline back into the grove with a flat screwdriver or rolling tool and you are back in business.